CPD23 week one: blogging!

Sometimes it’s just about the action. Die Tat. When you spend so much time thinking and pondering and polishing to do things at your best, you want to let loose for once and just step into the field without too much thinking. I never really got what #cpd23 really was, but I have time to figure out. Others people will come to make my mind clear – if you build it they will come, no?

This blog is written in italian, alas! Now that I step into the international scenario I am thinking about starting blogging in english, or providing a translation of some parts. But let’s start from the beginning.

I started blogging as a self-oriented practice. I wanted to create something practical, notes about my work, documentation, to-do lists, things I had to note down. It was merely a working tool, but I decided to open it to the public as an experiment: you never know if someone from the Outer Space can drop by and give you a hint. Then it grew, and being every writing a reflection of the ego, and being my ego huge, it grew huge. Now I write what comes in my mind, about the future of libraries, about my job, about my rants on technology and misoneism, about the inputs I’m getting at the master I’m following. And I am polishing, hosting on a private provider, coding my own appearance. But it’s still in italian. Why?

The Outer Space is great, but I still feel a lot of need to address my fellows here. I still feel the need to talk to those whom I left behind – and to those to whom I hope to come back soon. Because writing is a conversation and a conversation is about helping each other to meet midway. So I feel myself important when someone from the slumbering italian blogosphere can address my webpage as a reference point. Our job after all is being international in every local community. Like those “try-to-catch-me” games of childhood, where you always kept one foot in the safe area. I like to open my window to the world because our job takes place in the world. But my ground, air and community are small and local, and they have a history, which cannot be denied, ignored or deleted. And I am still part of this, and I want to be part of this – for now. And the language you are grown up with is bloody important.

So I described my blogging activity as a window, as a bridge, as an open eye.

I hope it works. Sometimes it does. And anyway it’s fun.

And this summer I will work on the dual language interface, ok?

CPD23 week one: blogging!

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  1. Hi Enrico, nice to see a fellow Italian on CPD23 (I had also seen you on the LISNPN and meant to write to you) and thanks for the great post, I like your style and I agree on the language issue, so…continuo in italiano! 🙂 Vivo e lavoro in UK e da qualche settimana “bloggo” in inglese, ma stavo proprio pensando di allargare l’orizzonte e scrivere qualcosa in italiano, ad es. una spiegazione di che cos’e’ CPD23 perche’ ogni volta che tento di spiegarlo in italiano faccio una gran fatica (le lingue rispecchiano mondi diversi..). Ti saluto per ora ma mi riservo di esplorare ben bene il tuo sito, che e’ pieno di info interessanti. See you soon!

    1. FraEnrico ha detto:

      Hello Maria Giovanna! Nice to hear from you. I also saw your blog from the CPD23 participants list, and got very curious about it. I meant to visit you as my first step, but I got behind with my duties 🙁 I will try to catch up soon: I am very curious about you and your story, expecially about your experience in the UK. I reply in english so other cpd23 participants may follow, but it’s always a pleasure “udire la lingua del sì” 🙂 A presto e grazie per avere scritto!

  2. Yeeeee!!!!!
    Thank you Enrico!! Just in time for the start! Ok a little bit late, but before saturday I’ll also do thing 2.
    The language choose is really difficult also for me. Sometimes I think it’s useless write only in italian, when who read is used to read english. But my hope is that writing in italian, more italian people may approach this things.
    So, if Giovanna (thanks a lot, you’re on the organisation team, wow!) would help with an italian explanation, this will be really appreciated.
    P.s. this comment counts for thing 2 😛

    1. FraEnrico ha detto:

      Glad to see you here! Yeah, the language is an issue. We write for ourselves, in the end, don’t we? Yet we aim to be so open and wide, reaching for feedback and confrontation all over the world. This issue is challenging me a lot in these months – quite predictable, since I’m taking my international master. But I approve and subscribe to what you say: we have our target here, our “flock” if you will, and it’s good not to turn our back to them. For the international scenario maybe we will be called on different stages, and find our proper voice. Until then, all the best! Grazie per essere passato di qua 🙂

  3. Hi Giulio, thanks for the “wow”! 😉 I’ll try to write something in Italian for cpd23 then. Are you in the cpd23 participants’ list? What is your blog? A presto! (grazie anche ad Enrico che ci fornisce un “luogo” dove incontrarci)

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  5. […] Bilingual Da oggi il mio blog tenta di avere una specie di versione bilingue. Cliccando sulle bandierine in alto a destra, è possibile passare dal contenuto in italiano al contenuto in inglese, ovviamente per quegli articoli provvisti della doppia versione. Questo comporta che d’ora in avanti dovrò fare un doppio lavoro, ahimè; avviso subito che non tutti i post saranno scritti in due lingue, e tantomeno non tutti gli articoli passati verranno tradotti. Ma farò il possibile, in fondo me l’ero ripromesso. […]

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